Leaving home, leaving everything you love. Going through basics to endless afterlife.

A collection of traveling accessories and garments and textiles.

The project was made for the fashion show organized by TRENDI, Finance magazine, featuring young Slovenian designers. The collection speaks about leaving home, leaving life, passing away and going to the afterlife. It is about the moment between life and death when you pack the items reminding you of your childhood and you start the journey. In the collection, there are incorporated blankets, quilts, a school bag, the hobo bindle serving as a lunch box... All materials resemble basic materials, they are mainly found as throwaways on the street or as giveaways combined with the few purchased once. The collection is a continuation of the work started in "Jenny". The long research and discoveries from "Jenny" find a more fluid and intuitional format in this new collection made very organically as the silhouettes find their own way of building up throughout the process. (For further references please read through the project Jenny.)

Photography: Personal Archive

Product ı black and white photos: Cecilia Poupon
Films: Sebastian Vargas & Pablo Perez, Kairos Studio